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We dig up history through experience, knowledge and creativity, plus a little luck never hurts. Discover all we offer from corporate team building events to family outings. We have the equipment and knowledge for your treasure hunting needs. Checkout our Blog for How to metal detect and how to properly clean and identify relic finds to PRICELESS DISCOVERIES.

Kelly Noeller Epic Adventurer

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Testimonials of Our Metal Detecting Clients and Friends

We were looking for something different to do and stumbled upon the Lost and Found website. We always wanted to go on a treasure hunt. Kelly made that a reality for us. He found a great abandonded homestead in the country which was beautiful in itself. We found all sorts of coins and historic items. It makes you wonder, how did this particular thing get here. Jim and Norma R.

Kelly and Teresa provided our company picnic with the best entertainment we have ever had. They are truly a funny couple and were very fun. 87 employees and their families came out and took part in a phenomenal day including their metal detecting and treasure hunting activities. The Civil War Bullets were amazing, I couldn’t imagine being hit by one of those! Brighten Your Day Corp.

Kelly and Teresa took our family out for an afternoon experience I was not expecting. The day was interesting, educational and we found some cool stuff from the civil war and the SILVER coins, I never knew a Mercury Dime existed. Kelly really is the best metal detector out there. The Franks Family

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