Metal Detecting is a Great Way to Learn History

Native American Maps on Copper Plates? A treasure hunter in Missouri or Kansas will likely find a hammered copper plate at some point. This is another great example of why metal detecting is so awesome. This copper plate was the result of early Native American’s documenting their travels from Northern Missouri to Medicine Lodge Kansas. Native Americans, like the first settlers would use a pieces of copper plates like we use a paper today.

Copper Plates were in an abundance back then because there were copper mines all over the area. Remember, back in those days paper wasn’t like it is today. Therefore copper was used to what I call, doodling. Native Americans were well know to have documented their events on cave walls as well as pieces of copper plate. Copper plate is nothing more then a piece of copper about an inch and a half by three inches, sometimes up to three inches by 4 inches.

Treasure Hunter Questions What It All Means

This piece, if I had to date it would be approximately 1867. If that does not prove that metal detecting is awesome I am not sure what will. This occurred about the time of the signing of the Medicine Lodge Treaty, therefore it is very old. In time it has as a result become very stained and brittle. Upon closer inspection, you can see the symbols of water, tipi or tepee, horseshoe, bow and arrows and points of interest through out a landscape. As I Googled Native American symbols, several examples came up of these symbols and their meanings, research it for yourself and see what you come up with. This piece was found by Kingston, by a creek to be more exact.

Now What to Do

The piece is missing some information apparently. Several of my treasure hunter colleges have suggested that it may be from the KGC, or Knights of The Golden Circle. I have to admit I’m kinda on the fence about that concept. I have also found several other copper plates that appear as though someone has drawn letters from the alphabet. While others have simple squiggly lines on them or doodling. When I discover the truth, you can bet I will post a new blog and on our Facebook group MDoA – Metal Detectors of America.


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