What is my Metal Detector of Choice

I have been asked that question once, I’ve been asked it a thousand times. I’ve posted this question and been asked this question on my facebook group, MDoA many times. Folks here’s the deal, your first choice better be what your pocket book can afford and here’s why.

  • Can you justify to your significant other, who doesn’t share your passion, the cost of a machine and its trinkets.
  • This may not be your cup of tea so don’t go for the biggest baddest bang out there.
  • Remember family first, this sport/ hobby requires a lot of dedication to time in the field.
  • What kind of a detectorist are you? Are you a relic or a coin hunter?
  • Can you walk up to a complete stranger and ask if you can “Metal Detect” their yard.


Decisions, Decisions Hand Held Metal Detector Choice

When purchasing your first machine, don’t buy the most expensive and certainly don’t buy the cheapest, you have to crawl before you can walk, plain and simple. As I said earlier and foremost, what can you afford. Next decisions to make is, what is your passion, are you wanting relics or coins. As an example, Minelab machines are geared towards coin recovery as to where XP DEUS is a relic finding beast. Both machines will do both, however it is best to have separate programs for each like the XP DEUS offers. With those concepts in mind, it is best to find someone that you can go with who already has the equipment. Reason being, your going to get a first hand look at what it means to be a treasure hunter.

The truth is, some folks are fisherman, some folks love to attend sporting events and some simply wanna watch it from the Television. This is not to discourage you in any form . It is to help you to understand what you may encounter before you step on to the dirt fishing playing field. Why am I calling it that, because if you’ve ever been fishing with a rod and reel, it is very similar. You quickly discover how upset you became when you get skunked, meaning no catches or no finds. This is a great comparison to give you a general concept of the emotions involved with metal detecting.

When your out with your friends, remember this. We make it look easy because we have learned to read and understand what our machine is telling us. This is achieved by listening to what our machine sounds like over certain metals and the numbers it displays.

Here’s How I Roll

The first item I try to find is the oldest map of the area I’m wanting to look in. Second, I look at the foundations. Finally I’m ready to knock on that door for permission. Folks I can’t express this enough, get permission, here let me say it again, get permission. Don’t be that person that gives other diggers a bad name and ruins our hobby, past-time and sport. It’s simple, go knock on the door, be courteous, remove sunglasses, hands in front of you out of your pockets and introduce yourself. Tell the property owner your there to metal detect there yard. For more examples on how to get permission, see my article on How To Get Permission.

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