Back in the Dig Zone

After E passed away, a divorce and a career change. I did some serious soul searching. There was just something missing, I’m a Treasure Hunter, its what I do. A friend of mine had a Whites for sale so I bought it off of him and never looked back since. I was a Parks Director for a city and had just hired some seasonal workers. This one seasonal had told me a story of a field south of here that his dad would take him after a heavy rain and they would find arrowheads and Miniballs in it. So we agreed to meet there that weekend. Before we did I went to the local library for a little R&I (research and Investigation) as my elders taught me to do. My R&I turned up a part of history that most folks didn’t know existed in this area. It was part of Indian War Struggle (1867 – 1871). So now I confirmed not only his story but what this machine will be ringing up as, which is “lead”. I then found a couple large lead sinkers for river catfishing, buried them and swung the coil over them. Now I knew how this machine would sound once I located lead in the ground. 

Epic Adventurer Scores

We meet there early in the morning to “beat the heat” and began scouring the land scape. The more we walked the more the intensity built up, for me at least. Jesus I was like a kid in a candy store and then he yells out “Got One”. I was like S.O.B., I asked “so what did ya find” and he replied with “arrowhead”. I said “kool, you can have all of them we find today”. My heart was set on lead, yes arrowheads are a huge piece of history but it just really wasn’t what I wanted at the moment. I know, this goes against my “Creek Ninja Training” (quarters and fossils) but man I was so pumped to find old bullets from that time period. I guess when u find dinosaur remnants its hard to get older then that. Plus with Wild Bill and Monna we found plenty of arrowheads back then. Overall, the day was a smoking huge success, because we hit seven miniballs, three round balls and he found multiple arrowheads. You talk about a feeling you get, its one thing to read about history, but when you dig it up. RITE ON!!!

Photograph Your Finds

The saying is true “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” The older and wiser I get the more I wish I had documented ALL my times with the elders and All of our discoveries. I had several, but the flood of 2007 destroyed so many memories I had. Of course this is wayy before The Great “Metal Detectors of America (MDoA)” Facebook Page came in to existence.


By Kelly Noeller

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