Permission At A Must

Ok, you have completed your R&I, remember I said it meant (Research and Investigation). Now your ready to find a property to metal detect. First you have to decide what type of Treasure Hunter you are. The three types are, 1. Social Guru 2. Hermit Wonderer or 3. True Loot Hunter. The key point here is, can you handle encounters with bugs, spiders, ticks and snakes etc. if they give you the Heebie-Jeebies, then probably not so much, and you should seek mowed/ manicured yards because your a #1. Now if your the adventuresome type, but want to be left alone and “creepy crawleys” don’t freak you out, then your definitely a #2. #3 is the Wild Bill of the outdoors, all they want to do is save the history and it doesn’t matter what they might have to go through. All three types MUST ask for permission, PERIOD! If you will remember my previous article, “Which Metal Detector is Best For Me? XP Deus” I clearly spoke of getting permission. Folks, please, what ever you do Get That Permission. If not, you could be subject to laws like Criminal Trespass, Theft and or Criminal Damage to Property.  Therefore, do the right thing and ask. Don’t give our sport/ hobby a bad reputation. 

Tips and Tactical

We have all heard treasure stories from family members or co-workers. I do enjoy listening to these stories. With that information I begin my R&I, because history is not always what we have been told. I usually start at the local library and then the courthouse next. I try to find any witnesses or at least someone of age that may shed some light on my endeavors, sometimes it is just not possible. The best tool you can find is the oldest map of that area. Not only will these maps show you what was there then, it will show you roads, streets and where the original town started. The next thing I look at is house foundations in that area. I want to see what they are constructed of, rock, brick or concrete. Don’t limit your knock knock party based solely off of the foundation, because now days, siding has made the world look new again. Sidewalks are also very important to date a property, so be observant. Just because a house has backfill doesn’t mean not to look. Some of our greatest digs have came from backfill, that dirt came from somewhere, right? Make sure those folks giving you permission are the legal owners. One other point I want to make, be prepared for the owner to ask you, “What are you looking for?”  My response is always the same, History!

No Means, Not Right Now

Now you and the owner are at the door talking, you have introduced yourself. You have confirmed they are the property owner, simply by asking, Are you the property owner? If not, ask them who is and if they have a phone number or where do they live. This is very important, because if the actual owner pulls up, he may not be very happy and you may be looking at a trespass charge. It’s called C.Y.A., Cover Your Assets. Every once in a while your going to be told “NO”. People don’t take this personal, be cordial, I always say “thank you for your time”, turn around and walk away. Remember it is their property they have that right to. I know it sucks and kind of chaps your booty but here’s the deal, there is nothing wrong with going back six months or even a year later and asking again, maybe they was having a real bad day and you have just now received the repercussion of it, no big deal. I can honestly say, the following year I returned to ask them, over fifty percent said yes.


By Kelly Noeller

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      Thank You Stacy! I really wanted to capture the importance of getting that Permissiom And once Permission granted, do everything possible not to ruin it, like put the yard back by covering up your holes and take your trash with you when you are done…

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