Let’s back up a step

Dressing for success just like a True Treasure Hunter does. Not only do you need a machine but there’s a few other “Tools of the Trade”. A hand digger, pinpointer, shovel and a belt with a pouch on it. You can see by the above picture of my setup. So your machine hits a target and by now you know most machines have the ability to centralize that target, called pinpointing. So you kneel down, oh and by the way, knee pads are not a bad option either. Everyone that has dug with me owns there own pair aswell now. Take out your digger (hand spade or garden spade), cut three side around your target and lay the grass back over the connected side away from you. Now use your hand pinpointer or as I call it a “sniffer”. Pinpointer usually locates the target within an inch or so, if not, dig down further or in the direction the pinpointer is telling you to go. Remember this though, always check the bottom of your shovel, if you cant find the target in the hole.


The Nemesis of Detecting

PULL TABS and IRON are gonna rock your world. Remember back on “Which Metal Detector Is Best For Me?- XP Deus,” when I talked about “Dirt Fishing” and if you’ve ever went fishing and was skunked? There may be days and even months where that is all you seem to dig is pull tabs and iron. Again, I’m not trying to discourage you but its simply part of the “Learning Curve” on the road to becoming a TREASURE HUNTER. You’re gonna be so frosted you wanna take that new machine and wrap it around the closest tree and never look back. This is also why I said, it may not be your cup of tea. Let me reiterate to only buy what your pocket book will allow.

At Your Fingertips

Metal Detectors of America (MDoA) is the best site on Facebook you can join to help with that “Learning Curve”. We are currently 3400 strong with loads of knowledge and folks that are there to help you to become the best TREASURE HUNTER you always wanted to be. There is always a coin or relic someone digs that doesn’t know what it is and we pull together to solve the riddle. I promise you, someone will have the answer you seek.

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