“White Metal” Tokens and Medals

Here’s some history knocking on the door of knowledge. “White Metal” Tokens and Medals may be far and few between to discover, yet I’ve unearthed two examples in the above picture. The best way to know if you have found one, is if you can gently bend it with your fingers. Don’t go all vise grip on it, just with very little pressure with your fingers you will feel it bend. A flat hard surface, like a table, will make it flat again with minimal force. These tokens and medals were made by the Childs and Company Medalists of Chicago. The Washington Medal, with a hole in it on the right, in fact all had the hole in them because they were know to come with a red, white and blue ribbon approximately five inches in length. 


Grand Army of the Republic (medal/ token), this to is by Childs and Company Medalists of Chicago. Both are best described as a very soft pot metal and somewhat flexible. It is believed that very few exist do to the construction of them. I dug mine in the dirt of a abandoned school house/ church. It was very apparent the floor was off of the ground approximately two feet, but was rotted away just like the roof and ceiling was gone aswell. This old school/ church was used back in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, as a “Country” school/ church and a local meeting hall because folks couldn’t just load up and run to town back in those days by horse and buggy.


The best i can find on these medal/ tokens is the weight is between fourteen and seventeen grams. Diameter is between thirty six and thirty eight millimeters. If any one has some of these or even different varieties, i’d really enjoy hearing from you.

By Kelly Noeller