What’s The Best Bang for your Buck

I know you folks have heard me say, only buy what your pocket book can afford.  So if your pocket book cant afford the Lesche Digger System by WWMFG, then wait till your next paycheck, you will be glad you did. i had been through so many hand diggers and garden shovels, that i can’t even count. The grip would bend, the shaft/ handle would twist/ snap or the actual blade section would fold up underneath me. I was to the point that i was going to make my own or rent a trac-hoe. One day a colleague of mine suggested I try the Lesche. So years ago i posted a post on MDoA, asking folks what they were using, and to my amazement several hundred said “The Lesche”. Well, majority rules, so i bought one of each and I’m still using them.

You Wouldn’t Believe It If I Told Ya

I know folks that have lost their Lesche’s out in the field (how? i don’t know) come back the next digging season, actually found it and are still using them to this day, I ain’t even play’n! This little bad boy is approximately 31 inches in length and constructed of one inch pipe. The business end of it starts a modest four inches and angles down to a half of an inch pointed tip, some of them even come with a serrated edge for cutting through roots. Now the Lesche Hand Digger carries its own weight aswell, Overall length, Eleven and half inches long with part of that being 4 1/2 inch handle. This handle is rubberized and WILL NOT slip off when you try to pull it out of the ground. This hand digger has a unique design where the blade/ knife section meets the handle. If you turn it over you will see where the “bend” is and then comes up to a flat metal. This flat metal has saved my hand from being cut on numerous occasions.

Top Pic Shop Talk

The Top pic of the two shovels on my work bench kind of explain a story. The top shovel (wife’s, paint still gray), the bottom shovel (mine,used down to pure metal). I can’t complain because we have dug several thousand holes with these beasts. Mine use to look like her’s, i tried driving my truck up on it to flatten it out (don’t tell me you haven’t tried this aswell) and that shovel held it’s ground, the bend was still there. Finally i had to take a torch, cut the end of the handle off and then re-weld it. This Product Review, Lesche Digger System by WWMFG, gets Two Thumbs Up and Five Stars…