Old Coin Holder One Bucket List Item Down

Yours truly, Kelly Noeller Epic Adventures has another bucket list item down. My recent discovery was a Antique Brass Coin Holder. Nowadays these are known as a coin purse. However, in yesteryear’s past it was actually called a coin case. These were made of Brass, Sterling, Nickel and eventually rubber and plastic. Coin Holders date back as early as the 1830’s in this country. The 1900’s saw the spawn of train and bus token holders in the U.S. The super kool thing for me was actually finding a brass coin holder.

I’ve heard the old timers talk about them but never seen one, let alone dig one. My machine, the XP DEUS really lit up on this find. It registered copper, silver and brass, bam-bam-bam. If you have ever swung an XP DEUS, you know what I mean. The coin holder was only about Four inches down and came out with my 3 cut scoop technique. The other finds in that yard were almost, but not quite as impressive. It became very apparent that we had stumbled on to some type of encampment, but that is another story. 

What Was Inside

I had to tumble the coin holder several times, but finally the pin on the back gave way. Inside was a 1946 Roosevelt Dime and 1945 wheatie. I thought i was going to explode, It was like finding a treasure chest. Now the top right Red Holder is made of plastic with a metal bottom and it also housed wheaties from the 1950’s. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one other piece to another find from the area. It would have been a leather bag that had a strap with a metal tip. This would have flipped up over the top to secure the contents inside. This find also had some wheaties and a couple of Buffalo Nickels inside.

Features Of The XP DEUS

The processor of these machines are extremely fast. In a span of two feet, you can put down 18 penny’s with the DEUS sounding off for each one. This machine has taken my metal detecting to all new heights. As far as choosing the best machine for you, check out this article, Best Metal Detector For Me.

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