Thy Ring and Necklace Comfort Me

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Teresa Noeller and I got together and the Epic Adventures that awaited us began to unfold. Damn it has been fun as hell so far. We were constantly working and digging for the first two years. We have dug several copper rings over the years which the old timers say were Civil War Soldier Wedding Bands. When these rings came out of the ground they have your typical dark brown patina on them. Teresa, being the woman she is broke with protocol and one day got down on her knee and asked me to marry her. She handed me a copper ring and I was tripping like no other. I had never thought this would happen like it did but how kool is that? Yes, you can be a little be jealous.

When A Woman You Love Asks You to Marry her

Of course i said yes, after all she is perfect in every aspect. My soulmate and I soon took that ring to a jewelry store in St Joseph Missouri to get it sized. The store said they would have to send it in because it was only measuring an eight and my big finger wasn’t having any of it. It is believed today, most men were smaller in stature on average then us men folk today. The test results came back, the ring was 97% copper and various other metals. The kool thing about it is, back then it was made with the best copper. So, it could easily be stretched out to accommodate my size thirteen finger. Of course it was created back when they made things to last. So now you can begin to see why I say, thy ring and necklace comfort me.

Ring with Snake Head Clasp Necklace

The token of love from her is my two headed snake clasp, also from the Civil War. Snake head clasps were connected at both ends of the belt, made of brass and used by officers to hold his saber or sword around his waist. Teresa had purchased a necklace for me and said she didn’t know what to add to it. I said I have the perfect thing and now I have two pieces of jewelry that signify our love. These are obviously kool artifacts, but to me they mean so much more.

Let’s Get er Dug