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HOW TO Clean Coins and Relics

Cleaning Coins is a huge conversation on our Facebook page, MDoA. They came out of the ground so, folks your not likely gonna get top dollar for them. With that being said, some relics as well as coins are rare. When there are only a handful of them known to exist, they may indeed be valuable. In that case you do wanna use some caution and care. I know we all wanna have the most miraculous discovery of all time. It is easy to get excited and think things we find are worth millions. However, in reality, that very seldom if ever happens.

As I have discovered, the finds we dig up have a priceless “WOW FACTOR”. This is not measurable because the worth is from the chase. Its the same excitement that that sends us down that Indiana Jones Great Explorer Trail. Having said all of that, we do want to clean them they can be displayed, shown off and enjoyed. After all your are going to want to show off your finds with others, especially on MDoA. If folks can’t see it clearly, it will not give that “How Kool” response the piece deserves. I know many folks have different techniques for coin cleaning. This technique is Time Tested, meaning I’ve done it and it works for me.

Relic and Cleaning Coins To Look Beautiful

Relics are a super touchy topic because of their age. Most copper and brass can be tumbled with a tumbler. I use aquarium rocks, vinegar with a touch of hot sauce. The hot sauce is a neutralizing agent to prevent bubbling up and popping the lid off of the tumble barrel. The barrel should be ¾ full of aquarium rocks, place your coins or relics in the them. Add in our vinegar and hot sauce and tighten our lid.

The first tumble should be for 30 minutes. The first tumble will clean all the dirt and crap off of it. After that its up to you for how clean you want it. After the each tumble you will wanna use a strainer to dump the aquarium rocks, finds and liquid in to easily separate out the solids from the liquid contents. Then transport the contents to a hand towel laid out on the counter. Carefully filter through the rocks and remove your finds.

Cleaning Coins and Even Silvers

As I said earlier, brass and coppers can be tumbled, therefore penny’s are no exception. They can be tumbled just like relics are, even along with the relics for that matter. Now lets say your day of digging resulted in nothing more then a pocket full of clad. Tumble them just like you would a relic, but now you can actually read them. Banks say they don’t take dirty money so now you can turn in clean money MDCCCLXIV.

Use jewelry cleaner to further clean silver coins. This is the same jewelry cleaner the misses uses for cleaning her rings. Here’s a coin cleaning, or maybe just a stay alive tip. If you use it all she’s gonna be somewhat pissed. Go to Amazon or Walmart and buy your own, your gonna get dirt in it. Usually when you use this process it will leave a grayish glaze over it kind of like when you wax your car. All you need to do is wipe it off or take a soft tip toothbrush and rub it off. I’ve also added a photo of some other cleaners I use. Give it a shot and see what works for you. If you have an questions, drop me a line.

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