Where is the Ark Of The Covenant Of God

Albert Atwell and i have discussed the topic on many occasions. We are both in agreement of its resting place to date. Albert and I have completed a lot of research on this topic him more so than I. Our theory is its final resting place. Discover with us what the Ark of the Covenant travels were. This Journey also falls in line with the Cremona Document.

How the Ark of the Covenant Traveled

The Ark Of The Covenant went missing in the year 587 B.C.. The Prophet Jeremiah hid it in a drain tunnel under Mt. Petra. The Knight’s Templar found the Clay Tubes under the South Wall of Solomon’s Temple in 1118. The Clay Tubes were carried to Hunter Mountain in New York by the Holy Family in 70 – 100 A.D.  Later Ralph de Sudeley was sent on an expedition to Hunter Mountain in 1177 to 1180 to retrieve more of the Clay Tubes. The Alpha Tube Ralph de Sudeley chose for himself gave the location of the Holy Relics under Mt. Petra. Ralph de Sudeley was commissioned to be a garrison at Mt. Petra from 1182 to 1189 at which time he recovered the Holy Relics which included the Ark of the Covenant of God and took them to Hardywicke in Warwickshire England.

The Templar’s Did It!

The Knight’s Templar’s were almost destroyed on October 13, 1307 however a few survived to carry the Holy Relics to Roslin Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland. Prince Henry Sinclair carried the Ark of the Covenant of God to Oak Island and had it concealed in the “Money Pit.” The Pilgrims recovered the Holy Relics which included the Ark of the Covenant of God. It was eventually taken to Williamsburg Virginia and kept at William & Mary College. Later it went to Philadelphia, PA and then to Washington D,C. in 1790. It was kept under the House of Representatives until 1814. In 1814 the British burned the White House, House of Representatives and the Capitol Building.

The Ark In The United States

While Washington D.C. was rebuilt, the location of the Ark of the Covenant was then under the Rotunda. That is why dignitaries are laid out under the Rotunda. After George Washington’s death in 1799 and his new tomb was completed in 1837. The Holy Relics and the Knight’s Templar Treasures were removed to the Tomb of General George Washington. From the time the Ark of the Covenant went missing in 587 until Ralph de Sudeley brought it back out to light in 1189 was a total of 1776 years. This year is also the year of the Declaration of Independence and which once decoded reveals how to find the Ark of the Covenant of God.

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