The Covenant Chase Continues  

There is a story out there about JESUS being born in America in 1790. Not physically as a man but as in the name as a city which just happens to be the Capitol of the United States of America. Ark of The Covenant Part Two now looks at the name WASHINGTON named for General George Washington and the First President of the USA. Here is some things to ponder on: Land was donated for the 10 mile by 10 mile or 100 square miles of Washington by two States, the State of Virginia and the State of Maryland. Take the first six letters of VIRGINIA gives you VIRGIN Now take the first four letters of MARYLAND gives you MARY So now you have VIRGIN MARY Mother of JESUS.

How To Solve The Code 

Ark of The Covenant Part Two also takes the name WASHINGTON. Count the letters over to the letter G from the beginning gives you 7 since JESUS is the FIRST AND THE LAST now count from the last letter to the letter G gives you 4 Now count the Gematria of the letters in JESUS gives you 74. So the name of the City of Washington is encoded as the City of JESUS. There is another way of verifying this when you count from the beginning to the letter G you get 7 the letter G is also 7th letter of the alphabet giving you 77 Now count the Gematria of CHRIST which is 77 so now we have CHRIST Now counting from the ending you have 4 over to the letter G and again the letter G is the 7th letter of the alphabet and with the count of 4 to the letter G gives you 74 and 74 is the Gematria of JESUS. Now you have CHRIST JESUS with the donations of the two states you now have VIRGIN MARY CHRIST JESUS. After the birth of JESUS the Virgin or the Virginia part no longer exist so guess what the land was then given back to the State of Virginia. One final twist to this is the Old Seeing Eye on the back of the Dollar Bill which also has to do with Washington. Keep checking back for Part Three of The Ark of the Covenant.

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