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JESUS, the Beginning and the Ending. Use 888 or the Greek Gematria of JESUS. Also, use the first Book of the King James Version of the Holy Bible printed in 1611. Because the first five books of the Holy Bible were given to Moses by God himself. Ciphering them is leading to The Ark of the Covenant and Holy Grail to Holy Relics you decide.

Starting at the first chapter, first verse of the First Book of MOSES called Genesis. English Gematria of GENESIS is 78, take the number from the ENDING you have 87 and in English Gematria 87 is TRUTH.  So, here lies the TRUTH.
Take the first 24 letters and place them in 3 rolls of 8 letters each because 888 is the Greek Gematria of JESUS.
Look at the last letter of the three lines GOD. This is telling us something important.
Now notice the first letter I and the last letter D. I and D, of course ID of GOD. Now add the English Gematria of the letter I and the letter D, you will get 9 plus 4 equals 13. That is our next clue.
Place the first letters of Genesis now and place them in 5 rolls of 13 letters each:
Now look from the second letter in the first line diagonally down towards the 6th letter in the 5th line you will find NOAHS. Go to the 7th letter in the first line and go diagonally in the opposite direction and you will find ERUTH or RUTH. The English Gematria of NOAHS is 57 and for RUTH is 67. Counting from the first letter of NOAHS to the last letter is 57 letters. So, now we have to find something that is 57. From the Ending of 57 we have 75 and 75 is the English Gematria of SKULL, representation of the KNIGHT’S TEMPLAR finding the SKULL and BONES of John the Baptist in the Holy Tomb. If you count the Books of the KJV Holy Bible you will find that the Book of John is book 57.
C1V1, In the beginning was the WORD, the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD.
C1V2, The fame was in the beginning with GOD…
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So now, here again we have another Book of the Holy Bible starting with IN THE BEGINNING. But it is repeated in the second verse. We have to do something with the letters IN in the words IN THE BEGINNING. To eliminate them does not help so we should do exactly what it says to do, put IN in the beginning and take them out of BEGINNING.
Now we have:
The only difference was the moving of the letters IN, everything else remained the same. But look what happened the letter T was shifted over to now form the word TRUTH instead of RUTH. And this my friend is the HOLY GRAIL.
From left down diagonal to the lower right you have NOAHS and from the right down to the left TRUTH.
Take the letters AU where the Cup comes together are the International Abbreviation of GOLD. Now, take the letters inside the Cup ININDCWA and add their English Gematria gives you 77 and the English Gematria of CHRIST is also 77. So now we have CHRIST GOLD CUP or THE HOLY GRAIL.
Now for something that is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE, only GOD could have made this happen. And if you will this PROVES THE EXISTENCE OF GOD.
Unscramble the letters inside the Cup, ININDCWA, you will find a repeat of IN and WA for WASHINGTON and the letters DC. Really in WASHINGTON, DC, the location of the HOLY GRAIL.
Looking further we find the near co-ordinates of WASHINGTON, DC from the GOLD CUP OF CHRIST given to MOSES in scriptures by GOD, HIMSELF in 1300 BC, fore-telling of the HOLY GRAIL BEING IN WASHINGTON, DC over 3,500 years before construction had even begun.
Clues Decoded 
Now, the International Abbreviation, AU, being for GOLD and the English Gematria of GOLD being 38 and 38 being the near Latitude of Washington, DC. The English Gematria of the Letters inside the GOLD CUP OF CHRIST which are ININDCWA add up to 77 and 77 is the near Longitude of WASHINGTON, DC. Now remember that the PRIME MERIDIAN OF GREENWICH did not come into use until 1884 over 3184 years after GOD gave this message to MOSES.
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