Secret Seal of the United States of America

One day in 1934, Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture, while waiting to meet with State Department Secretary of State, Cordell Hall. Henry was looking over  a State Department Publication titled, The History of the Seal of the United States, on page 53.
Henry Wallace over the next few months sent letters to President Franklin Roosevelt and others to get a US Coin minted with the US TREASURY SEAL on the REVERSE.
After Wallace had made his suggestion to President Roosevelt about placing the REVERSE of a US Coin with the Treasury Seal. Roosevelt responded, Why not place the OBVERSE AND REVERSE of the US TREASURY SEAL on the REVERSE of a One Dollar Bill?
Both Wallace and Roosevelt were 32nd degree Masons. Wallace liked the Latin Words, “NOVA ORDO SECLORUM,” which meant the “NEW DEAL OF THE AGES.” Roosevelt liked the representation of the “ALL SEEING EYE” a Masonic representation of the “GREAT ARCHITECT of THE UNIVERSE.” Next, he was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the NEW WORLD ORDER of THE AGES had been laid in 1776, but that it would be completed only under the EYE of the GREAT ARCHITECT.
When the first draft came back from the Treasury Department the OBVERSE EAGLE SIDE was on the left of the one dollar bill as is heraldic practice. Roosevelt insisted that the order be reversed so that the phrase, “of the United States” would be under the obverse side of the seal.
In the Summer of 1935, the US Treasury Seal appeared on the reverse of the silver certificate one dollar bill for the first time.
Was The US Treasury Seal Actually A Sacred Seal
Hidden in plain sight, secrets of Antiquity are hidden on the GREAT SEAL of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Yes, hidden in plain sight is a ligature in the Latin Word, ANNUIT COEPTIS. A ligature was used in the early 12th Century to fuse Latin and Greek together. Something used over 900 years ago on the GREAT SEAL and on the back of a US Modern One Dollar Bill. More here than we ever thought possible.
A closer look at the Eagle with the out-stretched wings reveal numerous before unseen signs. First, look at the pattern of 13 Stars above the Head of the Eagle. This reveals a triangle upwards and a triangle pointing downward together forming a STAR OF DAVID.
Drawing a line under under the ALL SEEING EYE above the Pyramid and follow it down to the last letter O in ORDO forms a Male Triangle. Draw another line across the Base of the Pyramid and up the sides of the Pyramid forms a Female Triangle. And here again together form a STAR OF DAVID. Now look at the six points of the STAR OF DAVID. One is the ALL SEEING EYE and the other five points spell MASON.
When six of the first nine Knight’s Templar made an entrance to a cave under the South Wall of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem sometime around 1108 or 1109, near where King Solomon’s Stables were located. At the fourth level, a room full of Ossauries were found. Upon examining them one of the Knights read the name which translated to JOHN. The Knights noticed that the head had been severed without chipping a bone in the neck. They soon realized it was the Ossaury of John the Baptist. That placed the bones in a sack to carry out with them. The other ossauries are not mentioned again until an apartment construction broke into the Tomb. More on this later.
Covered under sheep hides in boxes were gold bricks stacked in a PYRAMID, each bar stamped with the Seal of King Solomon. The Knights commented, Treasure beyond our dreams.
In other boxes, were five metal devices which were ANCIENT NAVIGATIONAL DEVICES and MAPS. Also twelve long clay tubes were found that contained from 36 to 48 SCROLLS. All were taken to Castrum Seplchri, modern day SEBORGATO, or Seborga ITALY.  There were to be translated by HILDEGARD of BINGEN. She was born in 1098 and died in 1179. She was a political advisor and correspondent to Kings and Popes. The CREMONA DOCUMENTS were also found in ITALY of the Journey of Sir Ralph De Sudeley. Sir Ralph de Sudeley’s Journey was from 1177 to 1180, HILDEGARD could not translate the scrolls recovered by Sir Ralph de Sudeley as she had passed away during the journey in 1179.
The discovery of the Original Knights under King Solomon’s Temple was mentioned by Bernard of Clairvaux who himself had sent the Knight’s Templar to Jerusalem and also told them to consult with HILDEGARD of anything found. He referred to what was found by saying, “THE GREAT SECRET.”
I do not believe the treasures of King Solomon were the biggest part of the treasures recovered by the Knight’s Templar? They discovered something that sparked thousands to join them in their organization, Kings donated thousands of acres of land, and the Pope himself donated huge treasures to them. SO WHAT WAS SO IMPORTANT THAT THEY FOUND. The Ark of the Covenant of God was not one of the items found, nor was the other HOLY RELICS. They at this time are still hidden inside a cave in Mt. Sinai (Mt. Petra)
Soon an expedition was fitted out by the Knight’s Templar, Sir Ralph de Sudeley was chosen to lead as his captains the Zeno Brothers were given the task of using the NEW BRASS INSTRUMENTS AND THE MAPS TO GET THEM TO A WESTERN LAND CALLED ONTEORA. Here they were to seek out a SECRETS OF THE HOLY FAMILY that the ANCIENT MAPS indicated were about 45 days West.
Hunter’s Mountain, Onteora (New York)  Here the Cremona Documents or in other words the Journals of Sir Ralph de Sudeley indicated. After arriving, Sir Ralph de Sudeley met with members of the Holy Family. He obtained more of the Long Clay Scrolls. One in particular was given to him called the ALPHA SCROLL. This Scroll revealed the location in Jerusalem of the Treasures of King Solomon and the Tomb of the Holy Family. (More Later)
The Holy Family came over in 70 AD but other members before the Destruction of Jerusalem in 586 or 587 BC,  had left around 600 BC.
After Sir Ralph de Sudeley made his historic journey to Onteora, he was given a commission at Mt. Petra to garrison the Knight’s to protect the Wadi Musa Pass. Here between 1182 to 1189, he found and recovered King Solomon’s Treasures including the Holy Relics and the Ark of the Covenant of God. According to 2 Maccabbees C2 V1-8, Prophet Jeremiah had hidden them in a flood or water tunnel under Mt. Sinai (Mt. Petra) with the shape of a Crescent Moon above the entrance. From the time the Ark of the Covenant of God went missing in 587 BC to the time it saw the Light of Day again in 1187 was 1776 years. And of course according to President Roosevelt, “the Foundation for the New Order of the Ages had been laid in 1776.
Misconceptions Cover ups and Secrets
Now for some other secrets on the US TREASURY SEAL of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Get out a one dollar bill and see if you can find some of the Secrets. You may even find some Secrets that are New.
We have already mentioned two different locations to find a STAR OF DAVID.
As most of us grew up being told 666 was the number of the BEAST or ANTI-CHRIST and the SWASTIKA to the Jews and other Nazi Germany enemies was a scare factor. Most of us diggers have found a token with the SWASTIKA or similar looking sign on it. It was believed in the early 1900’s that similar signs was for Good Luck and found right next to the Four Leaf Clover. The superstition of the number 13 was suppose to be unlucky as well.
There are a slew of 13’s hidden on the SECRET SEAL and there is as many 666’s and 888’s hidden as well. Later, you will see that 13 is not an unlucky number and 666 is not the number of the BEAST or ANTI-CHRIST.  The number 13 was only unlucky for the Knight’s Templar on Friday, October 13, 1307. (More Later)
All right now there are 13 STARS, 13 ARROW POINTS, 13 LEAVES, 13 BERRIES, there are 13 layers in the PYRAMID, there are 13 letters in ANNUIT COEPTIS. In this same word you have a LIGATURE and when you separate it into ANNUIT COPTIS CEPTIS you have 6 letters, 6 letters and 6 letters for another 666.
The Simple Gematria of NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM comes to 234, now add it to 432 from the ENDING to get 666,
Separate the date 1776 into two one-halves you have 888 and 888 which is JESUS in Greek Gematria.
Now take the Roman Numerals at the base of the PYRAMID. Place them on three triangles and use the sign of the Holy Trinity. As below:
The letters at the bottom is DCLXVI again 666.
Add the Simple Gematria of LEAVES, BERRIES ARROWS is equal to 234 add it from the ENDING 432 becomes 666.
When we get to the decoding of the Declaration of Independence you will see why there are so many 666’s, 888’s and 13’s. They are used as road signs to lead you to the vault of the Ark of the Covenant of God.
The Ark of the Covenant of God has been hidden for the past two thousand years because of FEAR and SUPERSTITIONS.

Let’s Get er Dug