lue treasure mapHistory of the LUE Treasure

So the story goes the Lue Treasure Map was suppose to have a Nazi connection. This map was created by an unknown Nazi supporter that resided in the United States at the time of his death. The Lue Treasure Map Revealed New Relic to the world by the Feds because they couldn’t cipher it. Now in the hands of the citizens of the world a feller took a deep interest in it.

The late Karl Von Mueller thought it had to be buried in the fourth left corner of a pyramid design. Yet here it is again believed by some using the Dollar Bill Washington and masonic images to solve the treasures location. This location is somewhere in the southern west states of The United States of America. Treasure hunters alike are under the opinion that the map is of a geometry layout. It’s this treasure hunters opinion that it is geo alright but more geography in nature.

Solving The LUE Treasure

The first thing that stood out to me was the Sunshine and rays which told me it started in Florida. The next feature was the pupil outside the eye which clearly said outside of Florida. I then laid the Lue map on a map of the United States with the eye being that of Okeechobee Lake aka Starting Point. The triangle appeared to represent North and the Left side of it meant go West by land sea or air (triangle divided in to three parts) because it had more shading then any other side. The second thinner wavy line represented the left or the first half of the puzzle while on the right is the second half of the puzzle.

Now Count The Rays

Now if you will count the rays of sunshine even the reflective ones ricocheting off of the water you will come up with 31.  The semi curved thicker line i added to the equation landed me directly in Sinaloa Mexico. Sinaloa is the 31st entities/ state of Mexico. California was also the 31st State in the Union. The five long lines connected by a six jagged edge arrowhead tip with a split down the middle represents water. This also refers to two major waterways that one will be crossing to the LUE Treasure Map Revealed New Relic. The first is the Gulf of California from Sinaloa. The bottom left of the map there appears to be half of an S there. Now the map changes back to the thicker wavy line. The Left side is first while the Right is the second half.

The angel line under the stairs actually follows along with the Gulf of California. Now the stairs represent five major cities that start with S that are in California.  They are San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Santa Cruz and finally San Francisco. The pillar in the center of the map represents Pillar Point which is half way to the treasure from Santa Cruz. Now we switch back to the thin wavy line because we are at San Francisco. The final step is to unfold the arrowhead like a pocket knife. Now we have six points or six miles to go which put you on Angel Island.

So Where Is The Treasure

Once on the Island the LUE Treasure Map Revealed New Relic you will find it. Looking at the last set of triangles on the bottom right of map. Counting the nine triangles and a half of one which equals 90 and a half feet from the waters edge.The dot in the top point of the triangle appears on the north side of the Island while the other triangle confirms treasure. Its apparent that it is buried under a flat surface and is three feet down.  Whats buried? 24 gold bars or some believe 40 to 60 silver bars. Either way its untouchable as it is on Federally protected land.

Let’s Get er Dug