HOW TO Program Your Deus

I have came up with a code for the XP Deus that will hands down produce more relic finds then you can believe. I have tested this code over the years and my Treasure Room is a testament to its results. Granted the Deus comes with some pre-programmed settings that are good but when I added this new program my finds became Legendary. I have read multiple books watched several videos to produce the XP Deus Best Relic Code on earth. Utilizing this code will improve your metal detecting experience plus adding to your outdoor adventure.

This Secret Code Makes Deus Rock

The XP Deus Best Relic Code has produced some phenomenal relics for me over the years. Start by turning on the Faceplate as i refer to it. I don’t know why XP Deus decided to call it a Remote but whatever. I suggest turning off the speaker for now by pressing No. Now select Options then select Program then select Save and the Deus will show you the open slots available. Pick which ever slot you fancy then you’ll edit and give it a name then click save. Remember the minus is for selecting letters and the plus is for numbers. Now use the back button and back all the way out. Now you are back to the Deus main screen so find the new program and select menu.

Insert Custom Menu Settings

You can now begin adding the XP Deus Best Relic Code. So for Disc or Discrimination we want 8.0. On that same screen select Expert which gives us Multi Tones now select 3 tones. Still on the same screen select Expert again and at the top it should say 3 Tones. So on the first line we want to add 202 second line 518 and the third line we want 644. Now using the back arrow back out till you see menu again then drop down to Sensitivity. At the Sens we want 90 then select Expert and at TX Power we want 2. OK back out again using the back arrow and next one down is Frequency. At Freq select 7.8 then select Expert using the Plus or Minus buttons move the slider in the center or 0 then you should see the number 7862 Hz.

Continuing Menu Settings

OK now back out and down to Iron Vol set it at 3 no Expert option here so back out. Next setting is Reactivity which should be at 0 then select Expert to set Silencer at 3 then back out to menu again. Next set Audio Re at 4 Expert Audio Overload at 1. So for the Notch it should be at 00-00 then Expert and Thresh 1 and 2 should be at 0 on both with one flashing and line N0 should have a 00 above it. Just a few more steps to the XP Deus Best Relic Code to go.

Metal Detecting to a New Level

Back out for the last time as your settings are complete. At the main screen select options then programs then save again and then select your new program. Now Deus will ask you to Replace your new program and you should select Yes then press the Valid. Now back out to the main screen and shutdown the Faceplate. Once the Faceplate is off completely then turn it back on and there still should be your new program. Now you are all set with the XP Deus Best Relic Code.

Let’s Get er Dug