Kool Factor Off The Chart

When you hit a Bucket Lister and you didn’t realize that it even was one. I had no idea that these rattles even existed till the other day when I dug one. My XP Deus discovered a 1940’s Silver Baby Rattle and to my amazement these were quite the norm back then. The Deus went off with a tone of silver and a matching number to boot. The pinpointer feature on my machine convinced me it was a Morgan Dollar. To my astonishment silver was correct however not a coin but rather a RATTLE!

So Begins The Research

How many times have we all been right here, the discovery, what the hell did I just find. Once i got home and cleaned this unique hunk of silver up i could read Writings and Roman Numerals. The top said Birth Record below that several X’s V’s and I’s just below that was Month and Year. On the back it said Sterling and back up to the top at the connector also said Sterling.

Further Research

My Google research turned up some interesting facts, apparently rattles have dated back some 2500 years ago. The feller getting the Inventor credit is Archytas of Tarentum (born approximately 440 BC). The well to do folks with babies had rattles made very elegant of gold silver while others were of clay. So the XP Deus discovery of a 1940’s Silver Baby Rattle certainly has been most entertaining to say the least.

Rattles Apparently Don’t Have OSHA Standards

Most of my research revealed that the rattles made in the 20’s 30’s and 40’s would of had a washer type ring that went through that Connector. Washer designed rings were constructed of Mother Of Pearl or other fancy materials. I just cant imagine giving a baby a chunk of silver or gold to gnaw on. I even read an article about Colonials giving babies GOLD Pacifiers man I’d like to dig one of them up. Apparently rattles served dual purposes one document when baby was born and two help with teething with a fancy style. In conclusion this XP Deus discovers a 1940’s Silver Baby Rattle seems a bit over the top.

Let’s Get er Dug