Dog Tag Found From Second Millennium

Metal detecting with the XP Deus resulted in a historic relic discovered. I unearthed an 1890 Dog Tax Tag from a residence here in Northern Missouri. This dig was absolutely phenomenal as the rarity of this relic is legendary to say the least. Oldest Dog Tag discovered to date was in the year 1446 in Utrecht Holland. The oldest American Dog Tax Tag dates back to 1853. Research of Pre-1900s Dog Tags validates just how rare they actually are. Some experts thought it could be the only one in existence today. Those experts thought that they are in for a rude awakening. I know three folks that have those Dog Tags. There not quite as old as mine yet not over 1900 either.

Why Dog Tax Anyways

Extensive research revealed Dog Tags was to have originated in the U.K. first. England had to find a way to fund a war with France and used the dog tax to accomplish it. My XP Deus really hit hard on this 1890 Dog Tag. It is humanly impossible to miss a relic with this bad-boy. Simply put the coil to the soil and you cant miss. An additional campfire story about the Dog Tax Tag is a family couldn’t afford to pay their taxes. The puppy police went to the residence, seized the dog and sold it to cover those past due taxes.

Dog Tax Tag Material

The 1890 Dog Tax Tag came up as brass/ copper confirmed by my XP Deus. Dog Tags made from copper plate aluminium silver gold plate and even hard smashed fabric in there construction. Cujo Tags will have a date, what town issued it, have a number and usually will say dog tax on it. You first must have the tag out of the hole, cleaned up and you can take it to your local City Hall. From there they can actually look them up with the information the tag provides. If the city employee is familiar with the owner they will usually tell you to just leave it. The employee will most likely mail it to them if they can be located.

Let’s Get er Dug