One of My Top 10 Discoveries

A friend of mine introduced me to a Grand Individual. A man that relived and revived histories Magnificent Legends of time. He reached in a drawer and said “You ever seen one of those” as he handed me a badge. I replied only in the history books Sir. He proceeded to tell me stories and show pictures of how it came to pass this Texas Ranger Badge.

Possession of Legend or Lore

As I left totally bewildered with what was in my pocket this Texas Ranger Badge. Not exactly sure how to introduce it back in to the world through its prior possessors. One thing was clear and that was to research it to prove its authenticity. My first stop and the internet said 95% of them are fake. My discovery of the 1875 Trade Dollar was to be a fake aswell. I was able to research it on the internet to prove it authentic. This badge was not out of my scope to declare it fact or fiction. I discovered this would be a very unique situation to say the least.

What is the Deal Texas

My first net search resulted in a site that stated Beware Fake Ranger Badges. Not what you would normally expect to find for your first hit of What Is It. Apparently in the State of Texas its Illegal to sell POSSESS wear make and almost look at a Texas Ranger Badge. In Texas they even went as far as making it a law that one must have consent from the Director of Texas Public Safety to have one. This law in 1987 even covers REAL or REPLICA badges WHAT??? A defense in court is that the accused can simply declare it for decorative appeal. The owner must let the director know in writing of its use where and for how long.

Description of a Texas Ranger Badge

A badge is described as a wagon-wheel supported by 5 spokes making up a star. On the right olive leaves for strength the left oak leaves of peace. On the Reverse side of the badge you should notice remnants of the coin it was carved from. These coins were actually Mexican Silver Peso. I did read an article where it stated the badge was Mexican 5 Peso Silver Dollar.

How to authenticate a Texas Ranger Badge

See my YouTube Channel for How to properly Identify a Texas Ranger Badge. According to Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Museum to actually confirm a badge is through documented ownership of its timeline. If interested there are coin holders that will hold badges.

That Elusive Texas Ranger Badge

The Texas Rangers founded in the 1830’s. A Texas Ranger was required to wear a badge in 1935. Other Law Enforcement Badges from back in the day were made from tin cans, coins or any metal that was handy. Most Law Men had other jobs and would respond on an as needed basis. Law Men from that time period would have to make or purchase their own guns boots hats and badges. In 1836 Texas won its freedom from Mexico.

Let’s Get er Dug