What a Piece of History

What does Jesus, Copper Scrolls, Essene have in common. The Dead Sea Scrolls found in Qumran Caves from 1946 to 1956. Therefore 931 scrolls in total have been located in caves of the Judean Desert. These scrolls get there name from the Dead Sea which is located near the Dead Sea. Consequently The Dead Sea holds the record for having the lowest land elevation of 1427 feet below sea level. These scrolls made from parchment (sheep or goat skin) papyrus pieces and one made from copper. In addition Jesus ministered his 12 disciples from parts of these scrolls. Experts believe Essene sect had written the scrolls. The scrolls date from 600 B.C. to 70 A.D. with a butt ton of controversial theories and speculations. As a result these scrolls have several languages primarily consisting of some form of Hebrew Greek and Aramaic writings.

What The Scrolls Have Told Us To Date

Different languages make up the scrolls. Above all there is a part of the Old Testament making the scrolls the oldest copy of the bible to date. Jesus had a very strict code that the Essene followed with conviction. The scrolls documented deeds of sale marriages and a form of their calendar. Rules for religious rituals and a proper acceptable life style amongst all. Subsequently experts decoded the scrolls to tell us how to make ready for war at the end of humanity. Experts agree Jesus did not write the Copper Scrolls. Evidence suggests the scrolls came out of Essene’s Cave.

Answer, 2000 Year Old Treasures Map

The Copper Scrolls are the blueprint to 60 some treasures. Consequently that scroll has a duplicate made out of SILVER which is buried aswell. Above all how kool would it be to find the Silver duplicate. One expert stated the scrolls are about a map to the Holy Relics not a treasure. Above all Relics being the Ark of the Covenant 10 Commandments and Tabernacle that could of been housed in The Temple of Soloman. The only actual recovery to date has been a bottle/ jug of Holy Anointing Oil from the time of Moses. Where as the question remains who wrote the scrolls.

Clues To Treasures Galore

Above all folks that have ciphered the scrolls have said they read as follows. For instance the ruins of the Vale of Achor beneath the steps that enter to the east down 40 cubits. For example a chest with Silvers and its vessels. Consequently which by today standards would be equal to a billion dollars of Gold and Silver. Secondly One treasure trove consisting of 900 Talents are at the bottom of the Big Cistern in a courtyard of the Peristyle”.

Mounds Of Wealth Waiting

Additionally one more treasure described in the scrolls is. “42 Talents lie under the stairs in the salt pit. 65 bars of Gold rest on the 3rd Terrace in the cave of the Old Washer’s House”. Meanwhile the next cipher has experts baffled do to one version that reads, “The valley of Achor with a fortress there. Go 40 cubits under the steps entering to the East is a money chest and its contents are 17 Talents”.

One Over Looked Theory

My theory is Knights Templar were in country. For example there mission at that time was to find and secure ALL Religious Relics, Artifacts and The Ossuary they could find. To clarify knights departed Jerusalem around the 12th Century or 1119 A.D. to return to Western Europe. Just an F.Y.I. Cubits is One Foot Six inches and a Talents are 110 pounds.

The Use of Copper

The Oldest Copper Mine in the World is the Timna Mines dating back 6,000 Years and used by the Egyptians. Furthermore copper nowadays is used on a daily basis example making coins and copper piping. Copper Plate usage date from late 1700s to early 1900s as recreational and domestic uses. Further more folks used these plates to doodle on as we do now days with paper.

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