Five Diggers Score Big Wilson Creek Battle

What do you get when Five friends get together at a Civil War Site, A Treasure Trove of Civil War Relics Map. This dig day started off like any other, A treasure quest, The mere thought of discovering remnants from 170+ years ago and a bucket full of mind wondering ideas of what really happened right here on that day.. These discoveries tell a digger a story of great proportions of how that day unfolded. Solid examples, such as where the Union entered the war, where the Confederates entered from and basically where the two forces collided. Civil War Relics Map is for you to decipher.

The Blue and The Gray Breakdown

Battle of Wilson Creek was referred to as The Battle of Oak Hills by folks back in the day. The battle commenced on August 10, 1861 a hop skip and jump from Springfield Mo. Union forces came from the West as Confederates were already staged close to The Ray House according to the U.S. National Park Service. This is the start of your Civil War Relics Map to be discovered.

Now we all know metal detecting on Federally Protected Ground is against the law. That just leaves one thing, do your research, talk to folks in that area, visit courthouses in that area. R&I aka Research and Investigation which I have linked to that will help you get permissions aswell. The rest of the story is, even if the caretakers allow you to dig and you agree to put all recoveries in their museum. DON’T DO IT! Federal Gov’t says NO DIGGING OF ANY KIND. The only way you can is get permission from FEDERAL COURT. However here’s what you can do, knock on doors adjacent to the battleground. Don’t be surprised to get a “NO” because these property owners are bugged to tears from folks trying to get permission. So if you really want to discover how Civil War Relics Map work, keep digging.

Preserve That Civil War Relics Map Here’s How

Folks before you ever buy that detector, make a commitment to yourself that you will do everything in your power to save it for future generations to enjoy. Allow me to take you on a step by step process that i use. Now I’m not saying my way is perfect but it works for me. I have actually perfected tumbling so I can save you some heartache. First and foremost one must ask the question, can this piece survive restoration. If so, here we go.

1. DON’T USE A WIRE BRUSH gently use a (wore out) soft-tip toothbrush 2. Tumbler, Aquarium Rocks, Vinegar, Hot Sauce, Clean tumbler out good 3. Your first tumble should be ONLY for 30 minutes to remove dirt/ debris 4. Second tumble will be until foam begins to buildup about 1 hour or so

5. If your like me, wore out your barrel you can use a peanut butter jar 6. Just know that you’ll have to use Two-sided tape so it doesn’t slip 7. Once all the rust is free from piece let it set if rust comes back tumble it 8. Before the piece dries use a Dremel Motor Tool on med speed wood bit 9. You can shape the sides and edges but don’t use it to remove rust

10. Now is the final tumble for about an hour but add a piece of silver w it 11. Now use a can of Sta-bil Rust Stopper (ONLY) I’ve tried the others Don’t 12. Coat the piece let set for 1 hour add another coat wipe away the excess 13. Let piece dry completely as can be as you are using a petroleum 14. Finally your ready to apply Two coats Polyurethane Spray Can lightly 15. As far as the pitting leave it after-all it came out of the ground

Think Your Ready For A Civil War Relics Map Adventure

Contact us if interested in an adventure of a lifetime. Contact Kelly Noeller Epic Adventurer @ 816-632-0422 for details… Can’t get enough detecting, Join us at Metal Detectors of America (M.D.o.A.) on Facebook to see what others are findings from around the world. Remember for the Best Adventure Civil War Relics Map is here for you to find the trail.

Let’s Get er Dug