Copper Map AKA Wolf Map

Where The Map Came From

Copper Plates were used like we use paper today, our story begins with a Copper Map, later labeled as Jesse James Gold Wolf Map. AKA Copper Wolf Map was 30 Inches Long by 8 to 10 Inches Wide rolled up inside the Iron Kettle found at the top of Buzzards Roost. Other Items found in this kettle are as follows. A Large Key Winder Pocketwatch in a Silver Case with the name engraved on it belonging to none other then Theo E. Studley. The watch valued at $5000.00 by Joe Hunter. A 1841 U.S. Penny, and $5000.00 of Gold Bars also according to Hunter. Finally a coin valued at 5 Francs. Hunter gave all of these items to Belle Hedlund the original property owner. Hunter kept the key that went to the watch and the Copper Map. This is where Jesse James Gold Wolf Map comes into play.

The Copper Kettle Owner and Photographer Craig Fouts, Thank You!

Jesse James Makes an Adjustment

Before the Northfield Raid Disaster, JJ and Company moved all of the Gangs Treasures to Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. Its very unlikely keeping any of it in Missouri would be very prosperous for the Gangs future endeavors.

In the Fall 1875 the Gang went into Mexico and robbed the Mexican Guardsmen of its payroll consisting of Two Million Dollars in Gold Bars which is about 5400 pounds. 18 burros had to carry Three hundred plus pounds of Gold. The Gang crossed Mexico and Texas then stalled out North of Buzzards Roost in 1876 by a blizzard. The Gang now forced to bury the Gold as they could not proceed any further.

Hemmed up in the Wichita Mountains till Spring the James Gang made up a contract aka; “Brass Bucket Contract“. It is this Authors belief that the Jesse James Gold Wolf Map has a Hidden Map yet to be discovered.

How Much Has Been Recovered

Here’s what we Know today, Frank James and Cole Younger returned to Oklahoma In 1906. The Pair lived in opposite corners of Fletcher Ok. This wasn’t just by happenstance as the Two was obviously searching for the Lost Loot. In the early 1900’s a crew that was putting in the pipeline discovered the Loot at the Roost. The workers did not report back to work the next day and never to be seen or heard from again. Hence the Curse Of The James Gang. Stories that One Million Dollars Worth of the treasure discovered. The Banty Bank was to have Thirteen additional maps aswell. Once this Lost and Found Relic Artist discovers the truth you can bet I will post an update on Metal Detectors of America (M.D.o.A.) on Facebook…

Let’s Get er Dug