King Arthur the Remover of Excalibur From Stone

King Arthur, A Hero of Celtic Mythology or a life fallen short by Twenty(20) Arrows. Ten arrows on the Left side and Ten on the Right side, King Arthur -vs- DelawareIndians. Historians have attempted to portray that King Arthur was slayed by the Army of his Nephew Mordred. Case in point was The Battle of Camlann in the Sixth (6th) Century, where supposedly King Arthur died or was mortally wounded in.

Human Beings, or I should say Mankind can never come to the knowledge of knowing the Truth do to the lack of evidence. Mankind is going to question, what is Truth, whether the Truth is a known Fact. Mankind always based the truth to be what “he thinks” the Truth should be documented for history books to reflect. It is the same with the theories and thoughts about King Arthur of Great Britain. Tales of Magnificent King Arthur, myth of a legend or the Truth of a Legend!? King Arthur was a Real King of all of Great Britain and not a Hero of Celtic Mythology, we have irrefutable evidence proving his demise. Now brings you the story of King Arthur -vs- The DelawareIndians.

King Arthur -vs- DelawareIndians

A Church In UK Tells it All

A Medieval Painting of Native Americans cheap shotting King Arthur at Stoke Dry, United Kingdom identifies King Arthur -vs- DelawareIndians. Renovations to a church the “White Wash” of the church walls revealed a painting of the death of King Arthur. Academics believed the painting was of King Edmund being killed by Vikings.

Pay close attention to the Head-dress of the Indians which is not known among the Vikings as Battle Gear. The Head-dress and clothing portrayed of which appear DelawareIndian Clothing. The Picture shows a Chief along with his braves on the right and left side with bows and arrows shooting twenty arrows in to King Arthur. King Arthur who was chilling on a large stone, late one evening, outside the fortifications of his people in Jackson County Kentucky. He succumbed to an ambush by “Friendly Indians” through the canebrakes. Painting suggests King Arthur now riddled by a swarm of arrows, killing him late Fall of the Year 578AD.

The Stone King Arthur was attacked at.

King Arthur’s Temporary Vault was in this cave

Preps For Bringing King Arthur Back To UK

His people took their King and as is their custom, had the body
mummified by placing it over a hot fire. King Arthur’s Golden Armor placed on the remains included, Gold Helmet and Gold Face Mast. King Arthur embalmed, wrapped in tree bark, placed in burial garment coverings. Made up of three or four white deer skins. The white signified for purity and cleansing for the afterlife. A line of cliff rocks hidden King Arthur’s mummified body. Approximately twenty-five feet from the entrance. It was a low ceiling of only three to four feet high. The British Leader King Arthur’s remains remained in the cave for the Winter of 578AD.

King Arthur’s Kin And Next To Be King

King Arthur II ap King Meurig ap King Tewdrig ap Teithfallt
(Theodosius) ap Thathal (Theodore) ap Teitheyrn (Theodorius) ap King
Arthur I ap Victor Uther, Augustus of Gaul ap Magnus Maximus ap
Emperor of the West Mascen Wledig ap Euddav (Octavius) ruled Britain
c323 d. 388AD. ap meaning “Son of.”
King Arthur II had a brother named Madoc. Madoc discovered the
American Continent in 562 AD. His son, Morgan, meaning born across
the waters,” became the new King of Great Britain.
Madoc was at sea in 562AD, a comet crashed near the coast of
Great Britain and Ireland. Folks of Southern Great Britain and
Southern Ireland evacuated. All living things had vanished from

fish in the water to even the trees and all plants. Madoc left for
ten years to return in 572 AD. King Arthur and his people
returned from Normandy for almost ten years as nothing would grow in Wales. The land was a Desolation. Madoc returned to sea as an Admiral of their Navy to confirm the “Other World” discovered by Madoc. Firming the story of “The Other World”.

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