Adult and Kids Metal Detector Group Activities

Metal Detecting Treasure Hunt

Adult and Kids Metal Detector Activities for Reunions or Special Events

We run fun adult and kids metal detector activities for groups such as family reunions, Boy Scout jamborees, Class Reunions or just big group get together’s. We bring the equipment and will bury items for your group to locate in fun competitive way. Do something a little different, have fun and learn something new, all while playing games using metal detectors.

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Kelly and Theresa pride themselves on providing a fun outdoor experience. We have will provide a adult or kids metal detector to each team or individual so all ages can participate. We have years of experience in metal detecting and group activities. Because we come to you, the area you have us set up must be accessible for metal detecting and spacious. Large city parks could work for example. A football field size area would be about the minimum. It is best to have trees and other landmarks we can use for clues.

Group Activities

  • Family Reunions
  • Scout Activity
  • Non-Profit Events
  • Church Sporting Events
  • Parties Events
  • Obstacle Course

Our treasure hunt is a blast and is chocked full of random acts of fun! Our kids metal detectors are sized right for the youngsters and our equipment is top of the line. We will provide a unique twist on the age old scavenger hunt with lots of extras thrown in. Such as taking a specific group photo, getting a random person to do something for the team as well as solving riddles and clues.

We will set up specific areas for each team. Our activities blend learning into the mix. Our adult and kids metal detectors are top of the line allowing for a great learning experience. The activities can be done together or as separate groups. We attempt to incorporate the local area history into the activity as much as possible.

Our goal is to make it challenging yet fun. We establish an environment to promoting reliance on each other. This promotes fun and and if done in groups it brings forth bonding. We often get compliments that the participants feel they are more connected. It is also funny to make an adult use a smaller kids metal detector as punishment. Remember the cost of clues can be anything, and what the heck, its also fun.