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White Metal Finds

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“White Metal” Tokens and Medals Here’s some history knocking on the door of knowledge. “White Metal” Tokens and Medals may be far and few between to discover, yet I’ve unearthed two examples in the above picture. The best way to know if you have found one, is if you can gently bend it with your fingers. Don’t go all vise grip on […]

How To Get Permission To Metal Detect

Permission At A Must Ok, you have completed your R&I, remember I said it meant (Research and Investigation). Now your ready to find a property to metal detect. First you have to decide what type of Treasure Hunter you are. The three types are, 1. Social Guru 2. Hermit Wonderer or 3. True Loot Hunter. The key point here is, […]

Best Metal Detector For Me

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What is my Metal Detector of Choice I have been asked that question once, I’ve been asked it a thousand times. I’ve posted this question and been asked this question on my facebook group, MDoA many times. Folks here’s the deal, your first choice better be what your pocket book can afford and here’s why. […]

Meet Kelly Noeller a Detector Pro

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What Am I Gonna Be, When I Grow Up If my great grandmother Vera Arnold “E” and grandmother, “her daughter” Jane Harvey aka Monna hadn’t planted in my head that I was gonna do great things then I don’t know who to blame. E told me as a kid, we was related to Jesse James somehow, she couldn’t remember how she […]

Metal Detecting Treasure Hunter

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Metal Detecting is a Great Way to Learn History Native American Maps on Copper Plates? A treasure hunter in Missouri or Kansas will likely find a hammered copper plate at some point. This is another great example of why metal detecting is so awesome. This copper plate was the result of early Native American’s documenting […]