Learn Metal Detecting

Learn Metal Detecting

When you learn metal detecting techniques you gain a fun rewarding hobby. However, getting started can be a little rough. It takes time to understand the techniques and tricks. We will work with you directly to help you search an area, learn proper digging and probing techniques and how to retrieve your item. What you find you get to keep! Our principles are teaching something new while creating a fun relaxed environment.

Beginner Metal Detecting Tips

If you are interested in metal detecting as a hobby, by reading through this information, you should find all the basic information you need. Here is the basic information every hobbyist with a metal detector should know. Here is an overview, how to metal detect, what are the laws, and the best places to metal detect.

Learn to Metal Detect

Metal detecting is reasonably simple, but practice makes perfect. There are numerous places to detect to get to know your detector, even your own yard. You can learn metal detecting from reading is great before you get started. However, you have to get comfortable with your detector by going to the field and practicing. 

Choosing a Starter Metal Detector

My first metal detector wasn’t a XP Deus but rather a Coinmaster. The machine you buy really depends on what type of metal detecting you want to do. If it is beach hunting, searching for relics, or looking for gold in its pure form, your style and the machine is something that you will figure out, there is no one answer.