Team Building

Corporate Team Building Metal Detection Competitions

The most ingenious part of this team building event is using metal detectors which guide teams on their hunt. The metal detector will help the teams locate buried spikes. Each spike will have cryptic clues to direct your teams to a variety of unique locations around the selected area. Amazing high tech team building treasure hunt adventure!

Locate 10! This game is ideally suited to bring your suits out of the office and into the woods in a rural area near you. Locate 10 is the perfect way for teams to explore and discover or to get out and into nature and connect. The creative nature of the event combines a self-driven search with all the excitement of a unique treasure hunt adventure.

A fun and exciting day of team activity for the first adventure of the day. We have developed a creative team building exercise involving a preset metal detecting course. We drive railroad spikes in specific locations. Teams are divided up and each team is assigned a search area. The teams must determine the best way to search their area with one metal detector. Each team member rotates as the previous member finds an object. Think of it as a metal detecting relay race. The first team to find all the spike wins. Prizes can be determined and awarded by the client and everyone takes home a spike. The spikes can be branded with your company logo, so please feel free to ask for special requests and award activities.

We will break for lunch which we will provide unless you have other plans. Due to location, it is often best to have us take care of the lunch since we may be in a remote area for the first activity.

Next We Do A Treasure Hunt

Our treasure hunt is a blast and is chocked full of random acts of fun! It is a unique twist on the age old scavenger hunt with lots of extras thrown in. Such as taking a specific group photo, getting a random person to do something for the team as well as solving riddles and clues. Specific areas are set up for each team. Metal detecting is blended in as well as non-metal detecting steps in the hunt. We attempt to incorporate the local area history into the activity as much as possible. We find that incorporating interesting history into the activities opens a shared learning pathway and is a conduit for fostering the teams to work together.

Learn About Your Teammates

Naturally learning about each other in the process. It is exciting to see individuals become so available to each other in seeking their skill and knowledge to progress through the hunt. We we may make some items somewhat obscure and only a few teams usually get them all. In the case where a team struggles with a clue clues can be offered… at a cost to the teams. Everyone will surrender their cell phones and each team will be issued a VHF radio to communicate with us. We will offer clues if required, but clues count against the teams overall score. Each team will start the obstacle course with 0 points. For each clue found, the team is awarded 100 points. Each clue provided costs 100 points. A perfect score will be 200, therefore there will be around 20 depending on our time.

Variations to Our Games

We can also change the activity to find a final object and the team to find that object wins.

Our goal is to make it challenging yet fun. We establish an environment to promoting reliance on each other. This promotes bonding among the different teams. We often get compliments that the participants feel they are more connected. They say that they really didn’t know some of the people they worked with, sometimes for years. Anytime we have that type of feedback, we know your team benefited from the work we do to create the experience.